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I have to drive all the way from planet sr388 to planet zebes with a regular car! Thats like 1,217 days! I got divorced, My family lives at Elysia. My last job was a technician at the bottle ship before it blew up! I have a baby Metroid as a pet. Bye!.

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This is a story dedicated to homeless people.

SUMMARY--- This story is about a poor 13 year old girl named Maria who is homeless, and what she and her family has to go through, and more along the way... All in Maria's point of view...

APPEARENCE- MARIA- Age 13 year old girl. Is white, She has pure geen eyes, and blond hair. She wears a grey blue short beanie, that would make her long bangs stick out a little. She wears a torn, black sweater, and torn black dark grey jeans. Finally, she has a streak of her bangs over her eye, ending to her cheek.

Maria- the main character, and narrator of the story. A poor girl who's life is sad. age-13

Jamie- Maria's mom. age-37

Kyle- Maria's dad. age-39

Chris- Maria's brother. age-13

Amy- Maria's big sister. age-15

Others along the way...


I'm Maria Lainston. Over these few months, I will tell you the most life-changing story of my life...

''come on Maria, let's go over to the shop!'' My mom said, as she was grabbing my hand in a hurry. She called the city dump the ''shop'' all the time, but that didn't stop me from believing that it WAS just a dump. The rest of my family thinks that our lives are good, but I'm a little less nieve than that. I know my life is just a piece of gum on the road. I'm just a poor, little, cat. I've seen everyone else, and their better lives, not having to live out in an ally, (not to mention sleeping in one,) every day since you were born. That made me feel extremely embarrassed of myself, having to be seen in public like this. Dirty, smelly, and just plain poor. Everyday I pray to god to give us the will power ro move on, but I don't think I can live like this anymore, knowing that my life is like a racoon's. ''okay, I'm coming!'' hurrying to mom as she was crossing the road. I covered my face with any piece of rag I could find, and headed off. There WAS actually lots of cool stuff at the dump, but all covered in waste, and other garbage. What we found to eat everyday was usually bread, cheese, raw meat(s), and random vegetables, and were all so covered with unknown filth, I was starting to worry, if this was food or just a form of life. We DID have ways of clean water. There are some people who would help us get by sometimes. The guy who would get us clean water was Bill Myers, one of the butchers of the city. He would stop by from delivery, and gladly get us a few gallons of water, and a few other necessities we needed. He was a good and generous man... We gathered up what we could find, and headed back to the ally way. There was tons of upper-class houses near me, and every day I would just look at them, making me even more depressed, eventually making me slump against the brick wall. Every night I would get so sad, I would wimper in my dirty pillow, under my torn blankets, knowing I would never be better than this. And THIS has been happening for all 13 years of my life, never once tasting the sweetness of the modern life, but instead tasting bitterness in mine... My bitter tears would shatter my heart, and make my eyes blood shot. My family didn't notice I hated my life though, they were as happy as can be. Without a care in the world... Almost every night I dreamt of running away, far, far, far way from my old life, and starting a new one... Anywhere was better than this, wasteland of regret. This pile of illusion, that would only trick you brutally. It would beat you, untill you have nothing... One of the rich children that was playing outside was named Stan Kelly. He was the love of my life. While I was watching him, admireing him, he wouldn't even glance my way. I knew he didn't even knows I exist, not a care in the world also... Their was nothing else to loose so I decided to take a walk. ''Uh, hey mom? Can I walk around for a bit?''
'' Well.. Okay. But I NEED to see you back here by seven o-clock, okay?'' She said.
''Alright, i'll be back in time.''
I grabbed my favorite, and only jacket, and headed off. While I was walking around a sea of color, and joy, I was grey with despair. My palette had only the colors of depression... I wanted to do something about this. but what? How?...
An Idea crossed my mind. I would just run away. But all the things I would leave behind, not to mention Stan, and my loving family... After a while of hard thinking, I decided to leave. I planned to leave by sunset tomorrow, I would steal some meat from Bill's butcher shop, for traveling food, and I kept a cantine of water with me at all times.. Untill tomorrow, I will be gettong ready to ditch everything from the past, and start a new future...

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