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I found the fridge monster too! =D

good vid!

Square boobies are the worst kind...


Thanks a lot! this really helped me a lot! But I recommend some super uber fast moves like, uhhh, The bycycle kick. Or the flying Punch/kick. Or. Hmmmm, oh! Like the sleeper hold! U know. A little more professinal if U make another tutorial! I'm not much of a pro in pivot, but I try and try, but I just cant do it! This helped unbevevably! But when I'm done with this tutorial, I could use some help with some pro moves. And trust me... There is NO video like this of ever will be this good and helpful on YOUTUBE!...... or IS there..... Thanks man! =D 5/5 10/10

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hell yeah! So much better than 1, 2, and 3! RRROOOOOCCCKKK!!!

Woaaaa! This game is everything and nothing collided into anything! This game made me high... I'm see'in stars, no wait, galaxies, no wait, THE UNIVERSE!!!!!

Dear god!!! GOOD NAME TOO!!!!!

This is the BEST online flash game Iv,e ever encountered yet!!!!! Make a part two!!!
O.M.G Please!!!!!

P.S- Iv,e only completed 66% of the game, but I beat it! Just like if you would in Metroid other M! Did Metroid games inspire you to make this? Cuz I see some similar qualities from Metroid Games, but that will only make the game more unique! Srsly though, GREAT GAME!!!

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Oh my Gawd!!!


Oh my gawd!!!

Metroid wools!!!


woo hoo! beast music!!!

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if only i could make stuff out of crayola clay like that. trust me, ive tried. seems like u made the eyes out of a diffrent marerial...


i like ur style, u put in things i cherish in it, coffee, furry, and best of all swords! this sword seems to be very detailed and 4 u compared to the rest of the picture, u skeched in the shapes 4 it, then put in primal details, then shaded and fixed it up. im not as good at drawing as u, but still im really good at my age, and i want 2 be a sketch artist when i grow up. got any tips?

hidden-lizard responds:

lol.. Thanks? :D
My tip to thee... Don't do drugs, stay in school.


I'll take those milkshakes with a side of some hot ass!

to go please...

I have to drive all the way from planet sr388 to planet zebes with a regular car! Thats like 1,217 days! I got divorced, My family lives at Elysia. My last job was a technician at the bottle ship before it blew up! I have a baby Metroid as a pet. Bye!.

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