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Posted by funnyhorse - February 1st, 2012

This is a story dedicated to homeless people.

SUMMARY--- This story is about a poor 13 year old girl named Maria who is homeless, and what she and her family has to go through, and more along the way... All in Maria's point of view...

APPEARENCE- MARIA- Age 13 year old girl. Is white, She has pure geen eyes, and blond hair. She wears a grey blue short beanie, that would make her long bangs stick out a little. She wears a torn, black sweater, and torn black dark grey jeans. Finally, she has a streak of her bangs over her eye, ending to her cheek.

Maria- the main character, and narrator of the story. A poor girl who's life is sad. age-13

Jamie- Maria's mom. age-37

Kyle- Maria's dad. age-39

Chris- Maria's brother. age-13

Amy- Maria's big sister. age-15

Others along the way...


I'm Maria Lainston. Over these few months, I will tell you the most life-changing story of my life...

''come on Maria, let's go over to the shop!'' My mom said, as she was grabbing my hand in a hurry. She called the city dump the ''shop'' all the time, but that didn't stop me from believing that it WAS just a dump. The rest of my family thinks that our lives are good, but I'm a little less nieve than that. I know my life is just a piece of gum on the road. I'm just a poor, little, cat. I've seen everyone else, and their better lives, not having to live out in an ally, (not to mention sleeping in one,) every day since you were born. That made me feel extremely embarrassed of myself, having to be seen in public like this. Dirty, smelly, and just plain poor. Everyday I pray to god to give us the will power ro move on, but I don't think I can live like this anymore, knowing that my life is like a racoon's. ''okay, I'm coming!'' hurrying to mom as she was crossing the road. I covered my face with any piece of rag I could find, and headed off. There WAS actually lots of cool stuff at the dump, but all covered in waste, and other garbage. What we found to eat everyday was usually bread, cheese, raw meat(s), and random vegetables, and were all so covered with unknown filth, I was starting to worry, if this was food or just a form of life. We DID have ways of clean water. There are some people who would help us get by sometimes. The guy who would get us clean water was Bill Myers, one of the butchers of the city. He would stop by from delivery, and gladly get us a few gallons of water, and a few other necessities we needed. He was a good and generous man... We gathered up what we could find, and headed back to the ally way. There was tons of upper-class houses near me, and every day I would just look at them, making me even more depressed, eventually making me slump against the brick wall. Every night I would get so sad, I would wimper in my dirty pillow, under my torn blankets, knowing I would never be better than this. And THIS has been happening for all 13 years of my life, never once tasting the sweetness of the modern life, but instead tasting bitterness in mine... My bitter tears would shatter my heart, and make my eyes blood shot. My family didn't notice I hated my life though, they were as happy as can be. Without a care in the world... Almost every night I dreamt of running away, far, far, far way from my old life, and starting a new one... Anywhere was better than this, wasteland of regret. This pile of illusion, that would only trick you brutally. It would beat you, untill you have nothing... One of the rich children that was playing outside was named Stan Kelly. He was the love of my life. While I was watching him, admireing him, he wouldn't even glance my way. I knew he didn't even knows I exist, not a care in the world also... Their was nothing else to loose so I decided to take a walk. ''Uh, hey mom? Can I walk around for a bit?''
'' Well.. Okay. But I NEED to see you back here by seven o-clock, okay?'' She said.
''Alright, i'll be back in time.''
I grabbed my favorite, and only jacket, and headed off. While I was walking around a sea of color, and joy, I was grey with despair. My palette had only the colors of depression... I wanted to do something about this. but what? How?...
An Idea crossed my mind. I would just run away. But all the things I would leave behind, not to mention Stan, and my loving family... After a while of hard thinking, I decided to leave. I planned to leave by sunset tomorrow, I would steal some meat from Bill's butcher shop, for traveling food, and I kept a cantine of water with me at all times.. Untill tomorrow, I will be gettong ready to ditch everything from the past, and start a new future...

Posted by funnyhorse - January 31st, 2012

Just what the title says...

Posted by funnyhorse - January 27th, 2012

narrator: o.k, i know the last 3 chapters were a little sucky, but i refreshed my mind, and i have some more ideas now, okay? narrator out!---


''hey Light,''
She didn't answer back.
''Light? you okay?''
still no response from her, she turned away from me, and started running.
''hey, wait up! what's going on?!''
She ran quicker than me, almost like she was soaring away. When I finally caught up to her, she stopped in her tracks on the cold black ground.
''Light, what's going on, why were you running away from me?''
Finally there was a response from her. She turned around, to my surprise, she didn't have any scars, pupils, nor a voice at all. She looked almost nothing like Light. She wasn't even a cat, she looked like a wolf, or possibly a dog. She wore an all white dress with a gold finish. Her fur was as grey, and the actual whites of her eyes were as black as coal, and almost seemed as cold too. Her stare was soul shattering. The whole outline of her body was glowing in a gold trim... When I came to my senses, I quivered away by the sight of dogs in general. She was most likley a wolf, vut that is even worse. With nowere to hide, I curled up into a ball, hoping that she would not try to eat me. But she did this. She put her hand on my forehead... Then, I heard a voice that sounded serious in my mind. I heard-
''You are the host of Lighteness and Evaness, correct?''

I soon noticed that SHE was the voice in my head, she was transferring her thoughts in to my mind. I answered her question.
''who are they?''
''they, are your friends shoulder spirits, they choose what is right and wrong for her, and they, and the world are going to end soon. You understand why, right?''
''uhh, oh. Of Eva(ness)

Posted by funnyhorse - January 19th, 2012

narrator: ''I'm really sorry ch 5 and 6 were sucky, i'll try to make this one awesome! narrator out!''

I woke. ''okay, we have to train now. Do you really have to go to school right now?'' Light said. ''not if I just don't go.. I'll sneak away from the bus stop, and go into the backyard.'' ''okay, good. I just hope no one catches us. We can't just say the truth, they'll think were crazy... We should leave now. I have gravity tactics I need to teach you.'' ''I'm gonna eat first.'' I said. I went down into the dining room to eat some cereal. I saw darwin at the table, already eating a bowl. ''Dude, you haven't talked much for the last three days. Is their something up?'' Darwin said. ''uh,no. It's that, uh... Well. ---psst. light, any ideas?---'' I wispered. ''say that you just have a lot of homework.'' ''...I have, a lot of, homework?..'' ''Okay, now I KNOW something's up. You don't even do your work at school. c-mon man, tell me whats going on. I won't laugh.'' ''---should I tell him?---'' He knows too much, it doesn't matter anymore...'' She sighed. ''Okay darwin, I'll tell you. But you have to keep it a secret, okay?'' Mom must have over heard, because after I told darwin about light, and Eva, she flipped infront of me. ''A ghost in your mind AGAIN!? Get her out right now! You're not a hotel!'' She yelled. ''Mom! You don't understand. This one's different! Were trying to save the worl---! A voice inturrupted me.. Surprisingly, it was noneother than Light, already gaining a voice of her own. ''Don't stop him! he is trying to save you! She spewed out of my mouth, and into the air. I never noticed her real ghost form before. She wore a yellow dress that seemed to be a female toga. She had no scars, had blue flaming eyes, and her fur was pure white. She also wore a crown made out of grown vine wich seemed like missile toe, and had regular brown sandals on. ''Do not punish him for great compassion for human life and all others, instead, rejoice for what your air is doing right now...'' Her voice was as soft as a pillow. But we all knew she was serious. Mom was stunned by how uncertain this spirit was. Of course it was no help to get Carrie off my back last time... ''There is no other braver than his, Put aside cruelty and move on...'' Light raised her hand, and I was afraid to what might happen. ''Light no! What are you gonna do!?'' What came to my surprise, was that mom and Darwin said nothing and walked away. ''Light, how did you do that?'' ''A mind trick. I can't teach it to you though. I hypnotized her.'' I knew her eyes were oddly dialated. ''Lets get to training, shall we?''

PAN OFF INTO THE BACKYARD--- ''I had set up more obsticales for your training. First let's go to the gravity challenge. This is a tight rope. If you can walk across it with your hands you will be successful.'' ''With my hands? How am I supposed to do THAT!?'' ''I'll teach you a tip... Shift your weight to where you want to go. and keep yoir hands in the middle of the rope.'' ''sigh...'' I walked up the ladder, and made a handstand onto the rope. It was tricky at first, but I got my balance. Now all I have to is move... I slowly raised my hand above the rope to reach further away... I did this one by one, and before I knew it, I was at the end of the rope. Light floated up to me- ''good, now we can move on to reflex. Come with me.'' I sighed again. I knew that these four days are gonna be a real handful...

Posted by funnyhorse - January 16th, 2012

Light was still in my mind when I got back home. ''Gumball, we need to train now. Every bit of time cannot be wasted.'' Light said. ''okay light. but. uh, how does this work. Do I have to be mad at my target?'' ''exactly. to use a power, you must bring an emotion to the surface of your mind, I will transfer it to a power designed to rid it. Although, I never used anger in my past life that much.. Also, this will let you take on the ability to control yourself mentaly, and in ways, physically. You won't regret it Gumball.'' I smiled. ''okay Light, we can go in the backyard and practice.'' We went to the back yard, and set up some trash cans in a row. ''Alright, the first thing you need to do is cover your anger. Try getting mad.'' I thought of my dream, and the first appearance of Eva. That did make me angry a lot. I could feel Light harness my anger. ''okay, now raise your hands towards a trash can.'' I did so, and a red beam shot out with a swirling darkness. It looked just like it in my dream. As soon as it hit the trash can, it exploded like the big bang. Singed pieces of trash and plastic flew all around the back yard, and some pieces even caught on fire. ''Oh my gosh! That was awesome!'' ''Yes. let's move on. Try fear.'' I thought of a scary monster, or anything that will make me scared. My hands turned blue, and I reised them again. A blue force field surrounded me, and it had electricity spiraling around it. ''This is for defending yourself from most attacks. It will be useful in the future.. Alright, next is the love tactic. Try thinking of someone who you love dearly.'' I thought of Penny. My hands glowed pink. I raised them, and I felt like I could take on anyone. It was seer confidence. ''This power will bring yourself up to the task by confidence, it will also help you to fight and have strength. It is motivation... The last is my favorite move. The energy burst move. It is only a one time chance, but sure to slay any foe. It will make you loose all of your energy, untill I can give more to you. So be careful with it. You can try it out now. Focus all your energy into one. It is also multi-targeted so don't hold back.'' My hands were glowing white as I was feeling weak. I lifted my hands to just one trash can, and all seven of them blew up and caught in a fire that scorched the grass off my backyard. All that was left was black, hot ash in the dirt. I was shocked by how powerful it was. '' oh man! I could take down a whole building!'' ''Just don't take advantage of it. I only have so much power.'' ''Alright Light, can I tell other people about this?'' ''NO Gumball! You musn't tell anyone. The last thing we need is others in our way of defeating Eva.'' ''okay.'' Darwin walked out of the house. ''Woooah! Gumball, was there a fire or something?'' Darwin said, with his eyes dotted to me, hopes of no one getting hurt. ''Um... No. Uh, yes. There was, but I stopped it.'' ''Wow Gumball! How did it start?'' ''Uh.....'' Then Light suggested me- ''Say it was a dumpster fire.'' ''[good idea Light.] ..It was a dumpster fire.'' ''Oh, I didn't even know dumpsters could catch on fire.'' Darwin said, as he walked back in the house. ''Well, I guess its getting late. We should rest.'' Light said. ''Alright.'' We went up in my room, and went to sleep.

I saw Light again. ''Hey Light. How's my mind?'' ''You're in it...'' ''really?.'' I said. ''yes. We have to train now, we only have four days until Eva gains solid, and has a body, with it, her power will, be even more unimaginable.'' ''alright, see ya.''

Posted by funnyhorse - January 15th, 2012

I got on the computer, and I typed in the word- Tryant. It came up with this---


The Tryants were god- like people who ruled the land of the far north of Rome. This took place in the 1200's when modern technology was just mere crafting and building tools. There were two Tryants who ruled all others, their names were Light and Eva. Light was the god of all good, and peace. Eva was the Tryant of hate, and misery, and she was also more powerful than Light... Eva also loved to terrorize the poor roman villagers in the area. Tryants were not human in any way, so they have more of a spiritual form. Eva would go inside the minds of villagers and make them go insane by murdering under a multiple personality, and eventually being sentenced to death for said murdering. Light was furious with this, so she faught fire with fire. She went into the bodies of the villagers, and made them strong and will- powered. Eva soon found out about this, so she decided to end this. She was disscusted about how nice Light was. She planned to smash the sacred template that has the last words and Ethics of Light and Eva when they were alive. She was stopped by none other than Light just in time to save it. The God of all gods, Zeus, was disappointed in them for behaving in a mortality. He sentenced them to forever rome the earth as lost souls, but unlike most ghosts that have modern lives, this type (ironically,) has to be a form of a personality to the host. And to this day, they still wander around the Earth, hiding in bodies to take advantage of.---

This broke more hints, but even more clues to find out. I needed to ask another ghost for atleast a little help. Mabie Carry has some answers...---


I saw Andrea infront of me. I was now terrified. ''what do you want Andrea, cant you see that I'm done with this?! I said terrified and angered at the same. her voice was so angelic this time. ''I know Gumball, but i'm not Andrea. I'm light, her multiple personality. I'm a Tryant.'' I was confused. She started talking again- ''yes, I know it's hard to understand, but it's all true. There's also another, named Eva, she was the one who terrorized you in your dreams. I'm as pure as can be,but Eva, is the exact opossite. She's Evil, Gumball.'' I nodded. ''so, Andrea's normal, you're nice, and Eva's Evil?'' Questions rolled in my mind like a water mill. ''Yes, I'll be in touch. see ya around gumball...''

I walked up on the bus seeing Andrea seeming a little diffrent. Then, I noticed her scars were a yellow, white. I said to her- ''uh, Andrea?'' She turned around only for me to notice her to be Light. ''Light! How did you slip out?'' ''Well, it wasn't easy. I'm just lucky I'm out for now.'' I paused, then said- '' uh, Light. I looked up you and Eva's origin the other night. and I need help if I'm gonna face Eva.'' Light gained a smile. ''I'm glad you asked Gumball. I can be a personality inside your mind, and give you some of my energy to help you fight. The rest will be strength and mental ability.. So, are you ready?'' I sprung up. ''yeah Light.'' I was sorta used to it ever since Carrie used my body for like three food sprees a couple of months ago. It feels like your choking on icy jello, then a chill down your spine, and then you feel like your gonna puke. She zoomed in my mouth. I could hear her like a cell phone in my head- ''Gumball, can you hear me?'' It echoed in my ears. ''yeah, I can hear you.. Uh, hey. What about Andrea's body?'' I said. ''She'll have her own personality back.'' ''Oh, okay.'' We went to school, and Tobias was standing infront of the front door. He was being more mean then he was usually. ''Hey gumball, come here. I went up to him. He wasn't a bad guy and all, but he was greedy and rude sometimes. ''good luck today man!'' he said, as he was slapping me on the back. As I walked past him, Banana Joe kicked me in the but. ''hey Banana Joe, why did you kick me?!'' I knew Banana Joe well, If he was doing something like this, he would be joking around. But even jokes can go too far. ''Banana Joe peeled a peice of paper from my back, and it said- Kick me, I'm an idiot! ''I was furious at Tobias now, he's been doing things like this for about a week now. Light felt the anger I had, and I would know this soon. Light took control over my body. I We walked up to Tobias. ''What?'' He said with a snare. That made me even more angry at him. I felt weird. Then, my hands glowed a dark red. I knew what this ment. It was from my dream. I didn't want him to be incinerated, so I calmed myself down and said ''nothing.. See ya...'' and walked away. He looked confused as I was walking away from him. ''What was that Light?'' ''It was my power Gumball. When you have an Emotion, say anger, you can use a power designed to help take care of it. The more you use it, the better you can control it.'' I couldn't beleve her. To have cool powers? I could'nt wait to try them out... END of ch 1.......

Posted by funnyhorse - January 7th, 2012

After they left, I got ready for school tomorrow. I made up my bed, and slowly went to sleep...

I was in a pitch dark nothingness. I couldn't even see my hand in-front of my face. I started walking up what seemed like stairs, then I saw penny in the light.''Penny? is that you!?'' I said. She looked up Gumball no! go away, this is a tra-!'' Before she could say another word, a red beam came down in a spot. Who rose up in the air, was Andrea... "Andrea! Why is Penny here!?" I said angrily. She said in an evil voice- "I'll show you...'' ''Penny panicked and tried to come to me, but she was blocked by some sort of forcefield. All she could do, was stare at Andrea. Andrea slowly rose her hand, and it shined a dark red. She chanted for what would seem like a spell- ''from the land of the tryants, I summon the power to KILL ALL THAT I CHOOSE!!!'' A red beam shot out of her hand, and surrounded penny. A swirling red darkness surrounded penny. All that I saw was the pain and agony that filled her eyes, as her soul was being torn from her body. Then, she exploded in a red and white flame. ''NOOOO!!! OH PENNY! WHY HER ANDREA?!? WHY HER!!!!!" I started crying as if she ripped my heart from my body. ''BECAUSE SHE WAS IN THE WAY OF US GUMMY!!! DONT YOU SEE YOU FOOL?!? WE CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER!!!!!'' She slowly raised one hand to her chest, and the other towards mine. Her hands started glowing a yellow white this time. She chanted something- "from the land of the tryants, send both these two souls away from this grave called earth and let us rise into heaven as one...'' I felt a pain spring up all around my body, my fur turned a bright yellow. Everything turned white. I slowly blacked out by all the energy I lost......and all I could see was Andrea, and god...

I slowly woke up, happy to know that I was alive. I was very concerned about Andrea loving me now. I had to do something about it. I need to tell her before this gets too drastic. I got my backpack and walked downstairs only to see Andrea outside my house, waiting for me to come. ''oh hey gumball!'' she said excitingly. ''Oh, uh, Andrea. I gotta te-'' She stopped me by saying ''I gotta tell you something, but privately, say, in the park after school?'' I couldn't help but to say okay. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, I wanted her to not be all crazy in front of me. We swung on the bus, and almost everyone wanted to ask them questions like- ''are those scars real?'' ''you played that game too?'' ''did you beat it?'' ''what's your game console?'' ''oh no, another cat!'' but what got my attention was- ''do you have a boyfriend?'' I was shocked when she answered softly- ''gumball Watterson...''
Andrea walked up to me, and we went to the park. I was nervous the whole walk through. I already knew what she was gonna say, but how an I gonna deal with it? My body felt heavy when she started to say something. ''so, gumball, nows a good time to ask you. Well, uh. She came up to my ear and said--- ''...i.love you..'' right after, she kissed me. I had to push her away from me. ''oh, Andrea. I gotta tell you this now. I DON'T LOVE YOU!''...Silence came across the whole park after I yelled. All I could see was the anger, but mostly the sadness in her eyes. She cried when she said- ''... I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry if I love you, gummy...'' and she slowly slumped back to her house. She was trying to make me feel low,and it worked. What scared me was that she said the nickname she gave me in my dream. It didn't exist until then. I knew something was up, and I'm not gonna stop until I find out....

Posted by funnyhorse - January 5th, 2012


I was at the front door at my house, but, I did'nt see or hear anyone but the t.v. As I opened the door, I saw Andrea was laying on the couch, enjoying t.v. I said with an eyebrow raised- '' uh, hey Andrea, why are you here?'' she giggled, ''were married silly! Dont ya remember two years ago?'' I was shocked, ''uh married!? TWO YEARS AGO?!? What are you talking about? We only met two days ago!'' ''oh gummy! You must not be thinking straight. Here, i'll get you something to eat. ''nonononoNO! Gummy? What? I dont need anything to eat! why am I married to you, I LIKE PENNY!'' right after I said that, it was a suprise to me, that penny fitzgerald bursted through the door. ''GUMBALL!! I THOUGHT YOU LOVE ME! What happened?!? she frantically said. ''...but penny, i do lov---

''Ahh!'' I had woke up. ''oh thank goodness, it was only a dream...'' I wondered why I had that dream. Probably because darwin lectured me about right before we went to sleep. It was probably nothing though. When I walked downstairs, everybody was up, including the kelly's, because they were here too. ''Um, mom? did you plan this visit?'' she answered- ''no dear, there neighbors. We dont need to plan visits to them.'' ''oh okay. i said and walked away. Andrea came up to me. ''hey andrea whats up?'' i said ''well, I want to tell you my secret now. ''really?'' I said. ''we only became friends yesterday. are you sure?'' ''ya, I might as well get it off my chest.'' ''well. Okay, shoot.'' Okay, lets go to a place a little more privately.'' she said. ''alright.''
Now, we were at the backyard porch, and she started talking.---

Andrea's P.O.V-
Andrea's FLASHBACK---

My family was going on a vacation to the sacred cave of the tryants, (people who had terrorized the villagers around here by killing there loved ones sometime in the year 1258.) There was a relic that shined vigorously, throughout the cave. While my family was looking at the souvenir store, I snuck in the cave, and peeked at the relic of the tryants. I accidently tripped and cut my arm on a stalegmite, and hit my eye on the same as well. I had blood on the relic while it was shining, and it somehow the relic fused with my scars and blood. And now every once and a while, my scars light-up, I hide the shining away from everyone by wearing a long-sleeve shirt or something. I told my family that I got cut by a nail. You're the only one that knows my secrect now, so be careful...
''Wow, Andrea. That IS one secret. Dont worry, i'll keep it safe.'' ''...pinkie swear?'' she said.
''pinkie swear!''

end of ch-3...

Posted by funnyhorse - January 5th, 2012

I couldn't sleep. I couldn't stop thinking about Andrea's scars. I woke Darwin up to tell him how he felt about it. ''...hey, Darwin, can you wake up for a second?...'' Darwin softly replied- ''dude, it's 4:27.'' I know, but, did you see Andrea today?'' ''.yeah, what about her?'' darwin said. I replied with a sigh, ''well those scars that she has.. well, it's just s-something about them that gives me chills up my back.'' well, why don't you ask her how she got'em tomorrow when THEY come over?'' Darwin replied, asif it was no big deal at all. ''that's a great idea Darwin! i'll just ask her tomorrow and that'll be it!''
after I soon fell asleep, knowing that my question will be answered...
I woke up around 9:30, happy to know more about the kelly's.
once I stepped out down stairs, I already saw the Kelly's talking to my parents about something about work. Then Jake came up and asked me if I wanted to play a videogame he brought over. I said if I could play a little later. Then I walked up to Andrea. I said a funny joke to break the ice, and she giggled a little. we had a conversation on warriors of time 2, then I purposely looked at her scar on her arm, and she looked at it soon after, '' hey, how did you get those scars anyway?'' I finally said. She paused for a few seconds for what seemed like minutes to me. Then, she finally said, to me- ''uh, well, it's kind of a long story.. lets just say that these scars were no accident...'' I was suprised by her answer. I said afain, ''well, you can tell me the story. I wo''- ''NO!...'' she inturupted me. ''Uh. I mean, no, you can't. It's one of those, uh, secrets that your supposed to keep to yourself.'' ''I understand. It's okay.'' I replied. ''but, uh, you know what? If we get to know each other to be friends, maby I can tell you, uh, some of it.'' She sighed with a hand held out to shake. '' It's a deal.'' I said back to her. we both laughed after. ''so, what do you wanna talk about? she said. ''well, how's your family at home?'' I replied. '' well, my big brother is always trying to sell my stuff. And my little sister's really smart for her age, and she's 8.'' ''Wow. Anais and scarlet would be the best of friends.'' I said, and we laughed again. ''and there's nothing special about my parents, there all the same.'' She giggled. ''well, how's YOUR family?'' She asked. ''well, again anais seems just like scarlet, and darwin's my #1 best friend. my dad's just laZy with a capital Z, and my mom's kinda addicted to cleaning.'' I said. She paused, and came out with even more blushing. ''Y'know, Gumball. It IS my first day in Elmore, and I haven't made any friends yet. W-would YOU be my first friend? she asked with a little more blushing now. I was flattered, ''Ofcourse you can be my friend Andrea!'' I said, hugging her. Her face lit up red with blushing. She grew a grin and she hugged me back. I accidentally felt her scar, and it fekt ice cold. So abnormal, but I wasn't just trying to be her friend just to find out her secret, I liked her. Later on Jake, Andrea, and I were all playing a racing game on the Z station, and Anais and scarlet were having a conversation about school, after, they packed up and got ready to go. ''byeee Gumball! i'll see ya later!'' Andrea said as she was walking out the door. Then Jake said right after-''se ya dude, you goy some goood gaming skills!'' I smiled and said thanks as he also walked out of the house. And then the parents left, saying bye to mom and dad, and the Kelly's were back to their home. Later, darwin and I were getting ready for bed, since it was about 11:00, Darwin was concerned about something. ''hey darwin, got somethin on your mind?'' I asked, ''well, did you ever notice how Andrea's looking at you and always blushing gumball?'' he said. ''I think she likes you a lot, if you know what I mean gumball.'' I laughed a little,''oh, darwin. She's my friend. I dont think she loves me.'' gumball said, he being the nieve one. ''hey man, i'm just sayin. well, night bud, darwin finally said, and went to sleep. I went to bed soon after, thinking if she really does like,like me.


Posted by funnyhorse - January 4th, 2012

--- the beginning ---
gumball's point of veiw throughout all of the story.

Today had been just like any other day, the sun shining, the sky blue, and no harm in sight. Ofcourse, that was all before SHE moved into the little town of Elmore.Let me tell you how it all started... darwin, bobert, and I were playing dodge or dare inside while dad was sleeping up in his bed, wich is unusual, because he always sleeps sitting on the couch, but like I cared. Mom was doing the dishes in the kitchen, and anais was studying some sort of theroy for cross dimension or something, it seemed important, so I did'nt bother her. ''ha! you loose two turns. pick a dare!'' I said to darwin, barely going by the rules, but I did'nt reed the instructions anyway. darwin quickly said to bobert sence he was the only one who read the instruction booklet. ''is he supposed to do that, or do I go over him?'' darwin said that for the 4th time, but it did'nt suprise me because (and no effence to darwin) but fishes were only as smart as there fishbowl was dry. but darwin was just a bit smarter, since he spent all the time on land and knew better, but still, he was pretty nieve. As soon as bobert was going to say something, the three of us had seen a moving truck park not too far from us. Me and darwin went out to see all the comotion. We soon saw two big men lift boxes to a small house, just across the street from here. Then there the family came out of there deep blue mini van. The new neighbors were cats just like me and mom. They had deep black fur with a little white on there necks to there waists. There were two sisters and one brother. One sister lookes to be the same age as anais, and the other sister looked to be 12 or just maby 13 years old. The brother seemed no older as me. The mom was not colored like them at all, she had all white fur and hazel eyes while the rest seemed to have a sort of greenish eye color. Their dad was the same color as the children, but he had a whip of hair on the top of hos head that was the purest white I had ever seen. All in all theyseemed like a good family. Mom went out too to see what was going on, and she was surprized to see new neighbors in Elmore. It was because all she lived in Elmore no one had moved here. the house had white wals and red stripes on them, and the -for sale- sign was still up. ''OOOHH! I just looove new neighbors!'' although she had never seen a new neighbor in Elmore, she was exited just the same. While bobert was leaving, mom sais to darwin and I- '' you boys go clean up and I'm gonna make some cookies and we can all greet them!'' I was with mom all the way, because it was the first new neighbors for me too... After we all straightened up and mom made her awesome chocolate chip cookies, we all, even dad and anais, gone over across from our hose to theirs and eang the door bell. It was one of those classical doorbells that rich people have. A tall black cat with a scruff of pure white fur on his head answered the door, I had reconized him from this morning. mom politley said- ''hello, were the Wattersons from across the street, welcome to our town of Elmore. you'll like it here!'' And then he answered with a calm voice- ''thanks for comin over. And im glad to see such a good family.'' I was suprised by his voice. His body was burly and strong, but his voice of his was so calm and soft. It did'nt mind me though. when we walked in, mom put the cookies to the nearest table and he leaded us through his house to the living foom, wich was not far. His house seemed as big as ours but all the furniture moved as with the rooms. There was the 12 year old girl playing a videogame, in the living room, her father quietly told her to shut it off for the moment, and she did so. I gotra admit, the girl was pretty, but penny's more my type. The boy cat slowly walked in, and got suprised a bit, but not too much. He really seemed like me, but he did'nt say anything yet. The father introduced his family one by one. - ''here's my wife Alice kelly, and I, David kelly. Here's my little 12 year old girl andrea, and my other little baby girl scarlet. And then here's my little 12 year old athletic champ, Jake.'' Now that I see him face to face, he was pretty built, but not too much. I looked at the large t.v screen and Andrea was apparently playing one of my favorite games- WARRIORS OF TIME 2- then I glanced at her and she blushed a little. I noticed a scar on her left eye and another that spiraled all the way down her arm. I just thought she was in an accident because those scars did'nt look natural at all. I just let is slide for now. The Kelky's treated us to a good dinner and then had mom's cookies for dessert. I overhered mom talking to David about a little playdate with us kids, David said it would be a great idea. Then we got home. we must've spent hours in there because when we left it was already almost pitch black darkness in the sky. Thank goodness it was friday.

end of chapter 1!!!!!!